Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream big so others can see

A place to spread the love in the middle of the least a city has to offer ... wouldn't it be nice if all run-down areas could speak to you about their potential? You have probably heard about the movement in advertising to engage the consumer at every point (mobile marketing ... advertising shtick); as a consumer walks by a store, a coupon will appear on their phone or a store display will change to target their need.  What if we used this functionality to share the potential of a place in transition?

The Product:  Hope Shtick

How it works:
An app that lets you load your ideas for a location's future use onto a site that lets other people see your vision of what the spot could become as they pass by.  Perhaps this app could also link to other places that already have this type of transition underway.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Testing Insulin for Spoilage - Wouldn't it be nice?

Fast acting insulin is only fast acting when it stays cool.  If kept at room temperature or higher it will spoil, be less potent, and this can greatly affect the life of a diabetic.  Although there is packaging available that can show if something has been exposed to high heat or cold temps, the insulin companies do not make use of it.  Is there something that a diabetic can do?

The potential Product: SpoilAlert

How it would work:
Buy your insulin from the pharmacy.  Bring it home and use SpoilAlert to test it.  The chemical analysis would let you know if your insulin has been through extreme temperatures.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Brainstorming for the socially pressured

Does group brainstorming work when you're in a crowd of people you don't know or don't like?  It may for those that can get over the social hump, but what about those that cannot?  Why not use the technology shield; mixing the anonymity of the online world with the collaboration of the dry-erase board brainstorm.

The Product: iBrainstorming

How it works:
Open an idea pod, like a chat session with imaging capabilities.  Invite who you'd like and let them invite who they'd like.  Never use your real name.  Leave the session open until you get the idea that you are looking for.

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