Friday, September 2, 2011

Teaching Tool: Sketch Wars

Encouraging quick accurate sketching is vital when teaching Industrial Design students how to visually express themselves.  Having fun while doing so just makes the process easier and more enjoyable.

The game/learning tool:
Sketch Wars

How it works:
1. Create two teams of students, varying who is on each team with each new game.
2. Vote on a Rating System.  See what the students have learned by asking them
    what is important when sketching.  Post the system somewhere very visible.
          Example Rating System: #1 Draw through. #2 Show primitives.  #3 Have fun with it.
3. Define the sketch space - obtain a blank canvas for students to sketch on.
          Examples: a dry-erase board, a chalk board,  two sketch pads
4. Set a time limit, appoint a time keeper and post or call out time intervals.
5. Critique the work based on the Rating System. Follow up with teaching the
    students how to make it better.
6. Have fun. 

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