Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product: ID Pads

Industrial Design students learn how to sketch for accuracy by drawing within the walls of a cube (perspective cubes).  It is a long and creativity-stifling process.   Ideation (thinking of ideas while sketching) is done separately and the results as a beginning student are not so beautiful.

Why not combine these processes and pre-draw these cube(s) into ideation sketch pads for beginners?

The product:
ID Pads

How it works:
As a learning tool, each page of an ID Pad would contain a light blue cube or multiple light blue cubes.  The position and placement of these cubes would be determined by what type of products the sketcher wishes to draw (small table products require a different perspective than large street objects and therefore should be drawn within different perspective cubes).

The student would then use the proper ID Pad to ideate quickly and accurately.  After they are done sketching their ideas, they can scan the pages of the ID Pad and what would remain is the products and not the perspective cubes (light blue does not show on scans).

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