Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marketing: Scanning for fit

Can semi-customization be had for a great price?

What if the products you bought had a personal fit?  Taking ergonomics one step further, by customizing your product to your form. 

Too costly?  Well, let's have a trade-off, lower cost for a bit less customization.

The Demand:
From sports to special needs, the market is evolving.  More costly in the short run, this scanning and über-customizing happens more for athletes and special needs cases.  If we engage in only part of the process, costs go down and soon everyone will think it second nature to buy a product that is more personal.

How to meet the Demand:
Flat bed scanners and other personal measuring devices.
Bring product selection down to a personal level.

A product example: The not-so-fitted, fitted shoe
Currently custom shoes are made by going to a store and using a special machine to scan the foot, read arch height and estimate force ... but what if we took one step back and required less data for moderate customization leading to a lower costing, mid-level ergonomic shoe?

Suggested process: I scan my feet on my home scanner, send my scan in via email, the data is entered into a system in which length and arch placement are calculated, pictures of already made shoes that match my foot profile are emailed back to me, I purchase my choice from the list and now have semi-customized shoes.

Perhaps it is even as simple as allowing the buyer to buy one size for one foot and another size for the other foot.

Why doesn't this happen more often?

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