Sunday, April 11, 2010

Product: Nav device personalities

Lost on the streets of San Francisco (insert your town), wishing your Garmin (or other Nav device) would not be so irritatingly "right" all the time?  Why not create an application that would allow you to switch it up by changing some key phrases?

For instance, what if every third time the device would have to recalculate the route, it would say "You so wrong" or "Sorry I'm just a computer" instead of "Recalculating route."

The product:
G-a-tude (or Car-a-tude for non-Garmin users)

How it works:
Step1: Download application that allows you to edit existing navigation phrases by picking from a list or creating your own.
Step2: Sync the additions and laugh at the wrong turns the navigation systems says you're making! 

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