Friday, February 5, 2010

Product: Recycling USB Flash Drives: Flash Drive + Eraser

Recycling your stuff ... crafting new stuff out of the old.

My USB flash drive's case broke this morning, and I though about what I could do to rescue it.  Tape/glue didn't work because a piece of the case was missing.  So what to do next ...

Did you ever have a USB flash drive with a case that just fell apart?  How about an extra eraser?

The Product:
Homemade USB flash drive case.

How it might work:
Take an old eraser, gut it and stick a flash drive in it. 

Thanks to DIY and Instructables, here are instructions on how to make one:

Here's my go at it:
With Exacto Knife, glue and 3 small erasers...

Ta Da.
(was harder than it looks)

<-- Included vent holes.

And, it really works!

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