Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marketing: Airport Store: Rentals

Do to the new weight restrictions on all airlines, a new demand has arisen.

The Demand:
Temporary use of items that cannot be packed.

How to meet the demand:
Using a typical rent and deposit scheme, create a store that can supply items frequently used by travelers, but too heavy to include in travel.

Such items may include:
hairdryers, curling irons, umbrellas, dress shoes, rain coats, etc.

Items should be rented out in a roller case making them easy to take along.
Items can be pre-ordered/reserved through the internet.
Discounts apply to frequent travellers.
Work in conjunction with Airlines sharing the same target market.

Potential store names:
Rent stuff
Rental Essentials
Fly Rent (or FR)

Similar Stores/Sites: this store is currently closed)

1 comment:

MAddy said...

I told this idea to a former lawyer at a get-together, and she was excited ... so, hopefully, this service will be coming your way soon.